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Petro Surf 2024

All Aboard! Next Stop: PETRO SURF! 🏄‍♀️ 🏄‍♂️ 

Last weekend, we embarked on an unforgettable journey with nearly 100 Porsches, taking the Sylt ferry from Rømø to Sylt to celebrate the most iconic Porsche event in the North, organized by Ken Hake.

From young enthusiasts to seasoned fans, from air-cooled classics to transaxle gems, what unfolded on the SAMOA Seepferdchen grounds of this island is etched in our memories forever 💫 

Since 2018, Ken has been the driving force behind this incredible gathering on Germany's northernmost island. Joining us were friends from HEIZR Club and Porsche fans from England, Denmark, Poland, Holland, and Belgium. And who could miss out? Our friends from France like the talented and sought-after photographer Vince Perraud.

For three days, we immersed ourselves in SYLT's charm, sharing good conversations, cruising towards Ellenbogen, witnessing breathtaking sunsets on the beach, and cheering at the surf contest. At Petro Surf, it’s not about what you drive, it is more about who you are. And those who were at the event felt like family. 

Thank you, Ken, for bringing us all together for this special weekend. And a big shoutout to all the partners like Porsche AGBREITLINGRennmeister 72Deus Ex MachinaFRS, MBSY TM and more who made this event possible. We’re already looking forward to next time!


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Pictures (35mm FILM): Emil Pourkian


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