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Brand Story
Purpose & Vision
Brand Values

Emil’s Garage (EG) is a content creation agency that works with brands like BMW, Breitling or Jägermeister but also assists smaller businesses in managing social media content and car photography. Additionally, we make automotive dreams a reality by selling cars (usually vintage or sports cars) with captivating stories. We also offer services tailored to classic car enthusiasts like merch, books, e-commerce, consulting and events.

The business was inspired by Emil's grandfather’s Volga GAZ M21 and embodies a passion for classic cars sparked by this automobile.

Our purpose is to reshape the perception of classic cars and to nurture passion for these vehicles among enthusiasts and the younger generation. What drives EG is the timelessness of these vehicles and what stories they tell.

We want to create a hub for automotive enthusiasts — an inclusive, evolving space where people can gather, exchange ideas, and celebrate their shared love for automobiles.

Our brand stands out due to our commitment to authenticity, passion, and being consistently at the forefront of automotive events. We value authenticity by genuinely sharing our love for classic cars and their stories. Our passion drives us to reshape the narrative around these vehicles. Visiting automotive events allows us to stay connected to the pulse of the industry and share experiences in person.

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