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If you're traveling by car from Berlin to Hamburg or from Hamburg to Berlin, you'll hardly miss the Autobahn A24 anymore. What might seem like a simple route between these two major German cities is much more than that for the car scene. It's a route that not only connects the cities but also intertwines the Berlin and Hamburg car cultures. We enjoy spending time in these metropolises so much that the return journey at NIGHT becomes another experience. Therefore, we have decided to launch our first joint project, dedicated to the NIGHT MASTERS, who have no hesitation in uniting both cities at any time.

Whether it's a coffee date with croissants or a car meet up with old Ferraris, some Mercedes-Benzs, or BMWs, the NIGHT MASTERS are always there: #fromeasttowest #fromnorthtosouth

Craphic and Illustration by Marc Reschke VHCLE GmbH

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