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Last Sunday marked the pinnacle of car events for enthusiasts in Germany. What began as a dream shared by Felix and ourselves a few years ago has now blossomed into reality.

Together with 3D designer Max Salzborn, who was responsible for the entire design language, we were able to officially open the classic car season by HEIZR Club at the Motorworld Village Metzingen.

Not forgetting our dear friends from BMW GroupPorsche AGRECARO AutomotiveMarc Schwarz and Sandra Bauermeister, who, together with designer Johannes Valentin Breuer, published her first furniture collection under the name HOMECATION

Over 1,000 car enthusiasts from across the country, as well as neighboring countries such as Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, and even Italy, gathered at this event, forging connections across borders and generations. For us, this wasn't just another classic car event, it was a heartwarming family reunion that filled us with joy! 

We extend our utmost admiration to Felix, the driving force behind the HEIZR Club, and commend the ENTIRE TEAM for their dedication. 

Hamburg is behind you and we can't wait to be part of the next event. Thank you for everything! From North to South! From East to West! One Community! One Family!

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