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Montblanc Haus x EG

Recently, we had the honor of experiencing a special tour at the Montblanc House in Hamburg. Not only were we able to park one of our treasures right at the Montblanc House, but we also had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of this luxury brand based in Hamburg.

In addition to presenting their current collection, they also showcased art by well-known artists such as Jorinde Voigt. We gained insights into the brand's history, including its collaborations within the automotive scene. However, what impressed us most was the fact that all stationery/pens are still crafted and produced in Hamburg. No matter where you are in the world, you always carry a piece of Hamburg with you. This is simply incredibly cool and a rarity these days.

It was a truly unique experience that we can't help but share. We invite you to visit the Montblanc House and explore the world of writing in an entirely new way. A special thanks to Martin Herde for this incredible opportunity. 

We look forward to seeing you again and wish all the best for the future!

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Photos: Emil Pourkian


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