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First of all, a big thank you to YOU for buying my T-shirt from Inferno Ragazzi. This shirt is something very special. But to make sure you understand why, I have to tell you a little story:

Last christmas I had a lot of time to think. I looked back at the first days of Emil's Garage and thought about what could be done to create something even cooler for all car lovers besides the classic photography, social media and car brokerage theme.

In Germany, Switzerland, Austria there are so many cool events that take place every year. Starting with the Onassis by Tom, to FLITZER/HEIZR Events, Petro-Surf or the cool GP Ice Race in winter at Zell am See. All of these events bring together a cool community that all love the same thing. Namely the classic automobile. So I asked myself why we couldn't do the same in Hamburg? And best of all, in such a way that it might not be forgotten so quickly? So that's how the journey of this T-shirt began.

"We need a car with DIN plates"
© First draft by Studio Josch - Johannes

It was clear to me that the T-shirt should be very special. So I didn't hesitate to contact my buddy Flemming, who founded his fashion label Inferno Ragazzi 10 years ago, which now cooperates with brands like Puma, Kappa, Pari and so on. At the same time, I asked my friend Johannes from Studio Josch, who is a freelancer graphic designer himself and had already worked on numerous well-known international brands, if he would like to support me with the illustration design of the car. And you won't believe it. In a short time we suddenly had the Dream Team and so the first drafts of the idea were put on paper.

From the beginning, it was not supposed to be a classic and above all boring merch, but something that sticks in the mind. Something that reminds us of our youth, where we dreamt of these cars at night. A time without worries, full of freedom. It had to have pop colours, paired with the highest quality! And that with a European production from organic cotton. Cool details from the 80's and DIN number plates, inspired by my friend Roman Raetzke. Colourful, but not too obtrusive. No plastic, no cheap stuff. So now you can imagine the considerable effort that went into producing a small number of T-shirts for an event.

In a few weeks of hard work together with Johannes, Flemming and his colleague Lara, we managed to lay the foundation for my SUNDOWNER event. The design for the shirt was finally ready!

But how did we actually come across with the name SUNDOWNER?

To be honest, I picked up the name from a friend of mine. And by that I mean Thomas aka @greenhellracing! Thomas is one of my first friends from the car scene. He used to pick me up regularly with his really cool Porsche 911 993 on BBS rims as a Carrera S. The car was such a rocket, you couldn't believe it. Before we met he used to write: "Hey Emil, up for a SUNDOWNER today?" I have that word so engrained in me that I wanted everyone to do the same. SUNDOWNER means freedom! Meeting friends in a relaxed place, far away from the daily office routine, from all the stress we are in. A place where there is only positivity, coupled with the sunset, great vibes, good music, cool people and a delicious keg of fizz (in German: Fassbrause). That's what a SUNDOWNER is all about for me today. And the coolest thing is: everyone is always invited. Whether you're a classic car fan or not. New cars or motorbikes. It doesn't matter! Everyone can become a part of the SUNDOWNER. So come and let's enjoy the SUNDOWNER together!

"Emil, up for a Sundowner today?"
"Wear it with pride!"

After the arrival of the T-shirts, we spared no effort and packed all the T-shirts in the usual highly professional manner of Inferno Ragazzi. And by that I mean pure manual labour. No computers. No robots. HANDWORK! To offer you not only a shirt, but much more an experience! To give you the opportunity to be a part of our journey! I hope you have a lot of fun with the shirt and it becomes a part of one or the other road trip.


Apart from that, I would like to thank all the people involved such as Flemming, Johannes, Lara, Ariane, Alexandros, Tobias B., Tobias S., Sofia, Sebastian, Vu, Emil H, Nawin, Ruben, Jette, Jona, Murat, Joy, Bennet, Marlon, Finn, Roman, Hanna, Luca, Jasper, Fabian and last but not least my family for their help! Without you, all this would never have been possible!



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