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Mercedes Benz 200 W123
Price: SOLD
Located in Hamburg, DE

Mileage 279,000 km
First registration March 1984
Fuel type Petrol
Horsepower 109 HP
Gearbox Manual
H/TÜV/ December 2021
Exterior colour lias grey
Interior colour blue

Sales Contact: 

Emil Pourkian
Mob.: +49 17676 857551

We speak:

German, English, Azerbaijani,
Turkish, Farsi, Russian

The W123 offered by us is an honest and original Mercedes-Benz 200 with M102 engine in the colour combination lias grey/blue. The car has three previous owners and has been in the hands of the last owner for 17 years.

The first owner was a factory employee and drove the car only one year until 1985. The second owner from Hamburg, Germany drove the car until 2004 and were every year from September to March with the car in Alicante, Spain. The last owner bought the car in 2004 from 2nd pensioner hands with 161,000 km on the dash at that time. The entire history, as well as receipts are available.

The special features include:

- Manual sunroof
- Trailer hitch
- Glove box lock
- Electric aerial
- Centre armrest
- Heat-insulating glass
- Rear compartment light
- 5-speed manual gearbox
- Yellow fog lights
- 14" steel rims + matching hubcaps
- Euro2-Wurmkat (cheaper than H-registration)

Over the last 17 years, the following work has been carried out:

- Four-gear to five-gear swap at 177,000 km
- Overhaul front axle
- Overhaul of cylinder head with new valves
- Overhaul of cardan shaft
- Exchange of the drive shafts
- Replacement of the glazing with heat-insulating glass
- Window well mouldings
- Replacement of piping on the B-pillars
- Seals for the front and rear headlights
- Installation of a rev counter
- Fuel lines in engine compartment
- carburettor diaphragm
- New manifold
- Valve stem seals etc.

In addition the W123 was preserved with Mike Sanders corrosion protection grease. Nevertheless there are two places where the car still has rust: Under the tailgate gasket (should be addressed soon) and on the rear left end tip. There was welding there once, but never properly painted.

The car also has various dents (from the previous owner) and is almost completely in its original paint. Under the front bumper, for example, it was welded (wing corners) and painted (see photos) back in 2005.

The instrument cluster is from the pre-facelift series. The mileage has been adjusted accordingly. The headrests are also from the first series (but with the original fabric) and the window cranks from a Mercedes-Benz /8.

The car is registered and parked in a dry garage in Hamburg Altona and can be viewed by appointment.

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