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Mercedes-Benz W140 300SEL DIN
Price: SOLD
Sale on behalf
Located in Hamburg, DE

Mileage 205,500 km
First registration September 1991
Fuel type Petrol
Horsepower 231hp
Gearbox Automatic
H/TÜV - HU/AU SEP 2025
Exterior col. black
Interior colour black (leather)

Sales Contact: 

Emil Pourkian
Mob.: +49 17676 857551

We speak:

German, English, Azerbaijani,
Turkish, Farsi, Russian

The Mercedes-Benz we are offering is an original and honest Mercedes-Benz W140 300SEL in the colour combination black/black. The car was delivered in September 1991 and sold to the second owner within half a year, as the model was too long for the 1st owner at the time. After more than 30 years of ownership, the second owner decided to sell the car.


Special features of the 300SEL are:


- 2nd hand

- Automatic gearbox

- Mainly driven on long distances

- Heated seats for driver + passenger + rear passangers

- Softclose all four doors and trunk

- Electric windows front and rear

- Full leather interior black

- Automatic climate control

- Original Becker Grand Prix Radio

- 2x car keys

- Completely Chequebook maintained

- Still registrated on German DIN1451 plates


In our eyes, the car is in the first varnish. Over the last few years, various signs of use can be seen on the car, but these do not affect the way it is driven. For example, the front bumper on the right has been scratched by parking, which has not been repaired over time in order to maintain the car's originality. Furthermore, the vehicle was vandalised during a family shopping trip and the Mercedes star was stolen, as well as the bonnet was scratched. The star was of course renewed to ensure the royal feeling again. The technical part works perfectly. No rust could be detected during the photo shoot. The electronics as well as the softclose function are working smoothly.

The S-class of the 90's offers an extremely large amount of space, is spacious and also offers pure luxury in the passenger compartment and that with a really relatively low fuel consumption. Nothing is missing in this car, even though it is now over 30 years old.

Whoever is looking for an authentic luxury car on DIN 1451 licence plates, which not only convinces with its driving style and comfort, but also with a holding period of more than 30 years, will generate a lot of joy with this car.

In Addition: After the photo shoot, the vehicle was completely refurbished inside and out.


The car is registered and parked in a dry garage in Hamburg and can be viewed by appointment.

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