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Mercedes Benz 280 SL R107
Price: EUR 49,000.-
Located in Hamburg, DE

Mileage 44,000 km
First registration December 1983
Fuel type Petrol
Horsepower 184 HP
Gearbox Automatic
H/TÜV/ January 2025
Exterior colour blue
Interior colour black leather

Sales Contact: 

Emil Pourkian
Mob.: +49 17676 857551

We speak:

German, English, Azerbaijani,
Turkish, Farsi, Russian

The Mercedes-Benz offered by us is a beautiful and original Mercedes-Benz 280 SL R107 in the colour combination blue on black leather. Delivered to Dr. Hans in Wuppertal, this car enjoyed many years in NRW. The vehicle was mainly used as a fair-weather vehicle, which is also the reason for its low mileage.

The special features include:

- Low Mileage

- Two pre-owners and since 2008 in possession of the current owner

- Automatic Gearbox

- Becker Europa Radio

- Electric Windows

- Color Glas

- Original Hardtop in blue

- Fog lights

- Always serviced at Mercedes-Benz

- Original Checkbook

The vehicle was purchased in 2007 by Jens H. from Hessen, who put some love into the car. A short time later, however, the owner decided to sell the car on, which is why the car was transferred to a Hamburg dealer in the same year with a total mileage of 34,800 kilometres. There are receipts from this period, but not the full documentation. For this reason, the dealer from Hamburg contacted the then Daimler-Chrysler AG with the request to send all existing invoices from their system, which is also filed in a folder. The mileage can be traced, which was also maintained in the checkbook.

In May 2008, the SL was purchased by the current owner from OETTINGER SPORTWAGEN ZENTRUM GMBH with a mileage of 36,808 km. The appraisal price at that time was already EUR 32,000, which is very high by 2008 standards and reflects the authentic condition of the car.


Since the current owner took possession of the vehicle, it has been maintained almost exclusively at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Centre LESEBERG in Hamburg. This included bodywork carried out by Mercedes-Benz, as the R107 models had some weak points in the area of the lower doors and wings on both sides. Following this work, the car was given additional cavity sealing and new underbody protection by Mercedes-Benz.


The last major service including minor work such as the repair of the ABS system with an invoice number of EUR 4,000 is from the end of 2023.


During the shoot, we unfortunately had to find a small rust spot in the spare wheel housing, which will also be repaired by Mercedes-Benz in the coming weeks. Otherwise there are very small and light stone chips, which can be seen in the pictures, as well as a small crack on the hardtop measuring 3mm, which we have also photographed.


If you are looking for an authentic R107 that has been regularly serviced by Mercedes-Benz without paying attention to costs, that is no longer in its original paintwork, but still gives you the feeling that you are sitting in an extremely well-maintained classic car, you will find what you are looking for in this model.

The car is registered and parked in a dry garage in Hamburg and can be viewed by appointment.

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