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Mercedes Benz 280 GE W460.2
Price: EUR 39,990.-
Located in Hamburg, DE

Mileage 174,000 km
First registration September 1983
Fuel type Petrol
Horsepower 156 HP
Gearbox Automatic
H/TÜV/ January 2025
Exterior colour agave green
Interior colour beige check pattern

Sales Contact: 

Emil Pourkian
Mob.: +49 17676 857551

We speak:

German, English, Azerbaijani,
Turkish, Farsi, Russian

The Mercedes-Benz offered by us is an honest and original Mercedes-Benz (PUCH) 280 GE SWB W460.2 with M110.994 engine in the colour combination agave green/check pattern. For deliveries to Switzerland and Austria, the then manufacturer Steyr-Daimler-Puch decided to market the G-Class under the name PUCH. Delivered to its first owner in St. Moritz in 1983, this G-Class enjoyed its early days in the luxurious Alpine holiday resort.

The special features include:

- Automatic Gearbox

- Becker Radio

- Sail Winch by Manufacturer ROTZLER
- Climate Control
- Yellow fog lights

- Trailer hitch

- Original Checkbook

- Photo Model in the book "CLASIC CARS HAMBURG"

In 2012, Dietmar N. took over the vehicle with a mileage of 135,643 km and gave the G a major service that included work on the brakes, rear axle, shock absorbers, engine mounts, alternator, V-ring, etc. The work on the car continued in 2013, so that the ignition and injection system was checked and the warm-up regulator was dismantled, cleaned and readjusted. Towards the end of the season, the car underwent a partial overhaul of the rump engine, which is also documented and can be verified at any time.

With a mileage of 144,000 kilometres, the car was sold in 2017 by Dietman N. to the owner Sönke R. from northern Germany, who took care of the cosmetic work as well as issues such as a major inspection, paintwork and bodywork on the G during his ownership period. The total costs here are just over EUR 10,000 and can be documented at any time. The vehicle also received a Mike Sander cavity sealant.

In the same year the G also received a new clutch. The tyres were purchased from REIFEN HELM in 2018, including the fifth spare wheel. A year later, a new starter motor was added, as well as a transmission oil service for the automatic transmission.

In 2021, the G was purchased by the current owner of the vehicle with a mileage of 168,000 km. In the same year, the fan clutch was replaced, the thermostet was replaced and the cooling system was cleaned and flushed. For many people, it's hard to imagine having a perfectly functioning air conditioning system in a car from 1983. Finally, the injection valve on the G was replaced and the idle speed adjusted.

Even though a lot of work was carried out on the car, there were of course a few rough edges, which is a common occurrence in the G-Class, but also in competitors such as the Land Rover Defender. For example, there are places on the vehicle where the paint comes off very easily and small areas of corrosion can be seen (see pictures). Furthermore, a workshop jacked up the vehicle incorrectly on the lift, which is why both sides of the sill are slightly buckled. The interior still looks as good as new, the underbody is clean and the colour combination and imposing appearance make a lasting and positive impression.

If you are looking for a beautiful G that has been regularly serviced over the years and has a rare air conditioning system and sail winch, you will find what you are looking for in this model.

The car is registered and parked in a dry garage in Hamburg and can be viewed by appointment.

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