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You always wanted to know what an electric vehicle feels like? Then you've come to the right place. 

Porsche Hamburg has provided me with a Taycan for the coming weekend, which I would like to share with you!

Hamburg, 17.04.2021
Billhorner Röhrendamm 4, 20539 Hamburg

Book your Taycan Taxi with me as your driver! First come, first serve! Link down below!

Please pay attention to the following points before you register for a suitable taxi drive:

- Please only book a ride if you are more than one person.

- Please put your Instagram name as your name so I know who you are. 
- Please do not arrive at the meeting point before your appointment to avoid an assembly.
- Please do not forget your mask. 

Ah, in case you have booked a ride with me but don't have time: LET ME KNOW! Get in touch with me. Talk to me. Give others a chance!


Let's have an electrifying ride. I look forward to seeing you! And don't forget to get some fries at the Oldtimertanke afterwards. Eat local, spend local, enjoy local. Support the local business who support the area where you live, work and drive!


*Please observe the generally applicable Corona rules of Hamburg, Germany. Porsche Hamburg is not the organiser or sponsor of this event. The taxi ride takes place voluntarily under Emil's Garage.  

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