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Get access to our exclusive and limited SUNDOWNER shirt here.


The Idea

It was clear to us that the T-shirt should be very special. So we didn't hesitate to contact our buddy Flemming, who founded his fashion label Inferno Ragazzi 10 years ago, which now cooperates with brands like Puma, Kappa, Pari and so on. At the same time, we asked our friend Johannes from Studio Josch, who is a freelancer graphic designer himself and had already worked on numerous well-known international brands, if he would like to support me with the illustration design of the car. And you won't believe it. In a short time we suddenly had the Dream Team and so the first drafts of the idea were put on paper.


Our Standard

From the beginning, it was not supposed to be a classic and above all boring merch, but something that sticks in the mind. Something that reminds us of our youth, where we dreamt of these cars at night. A time without worries, full of freedom. It had to have pop colours, paired with the highest quality! And that with a European production from organic cotton. Cool details from the 80's and DIN number plates, inspired by our friend and photographer Roman Raetzke. Colourful, but not too obtrusive. No plastic, no cheap stuff. So now you can imagine the considerable effort that went into producing a small number of T-shirts for an event.

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