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Looking for a new car or bike? Is it time to sell your beloved car? Here are my five tips on how to sell your showpiece for good money:

Tip No. 1

Clean up your baby! No one is looking for a dirty car or bike. Many people are not taking care of their vehicle, especially during the sales process and they wonder why others are getting more money for the same car or in a worse condition.

Tip No. 2

Shot from the right perspective! Germans have a really good saying: "Das Auge isst mit". This means that "you eat with your eyes." And indeed, this can be converted to the sales process. Just look around and take your car where it is beautiful and shiny. Try to use a very low ISO to get the best results for your pictures.

Tip No. 3

Be emotional! A little story behind your masterpiece isn't always bad. You shouldn't only focus on your car. People want to hear your story! So, add your own personal touch to it.

Tip No. 4

Don't throw the documents away! The cherries on your pie are the documents. Even if you only delivered your car for a routine checkup, show all available documents to make sure that you can follow up the history. Do you have a checkbook? Perfect! Stamp it during your visit at a workshop.

Tip No. 5

Be patient! You won't sell your car within one day, if you have a completely different expectation. Finding the right customer takes time. If you are able to wait till you find the right person trust me, it will be worth the wait!