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Are you a petrolhead and looking for suitable events? Then you've come to the right place.

HF-EG 53

07.01. 2023 - Hamburg, Germany

On 7 January, we release our first non-profit project called #WECARE and use the premises of our partner Hut-Falkenhagen to present the #WECARE logo designed by Studio Sokue, together with our beanie, to the world.


22.10. 2022 - Hamburg, Germany

The 2022 season is slowly coming to an end. Together with our friends from HFMSTRS we are happy to take over the part for the end of the season in the north. Join us and be part of a little ride through the harbour with various BMW and classic car enthusiasts.


06.08.2022 - Hamburg, Germany

Porsche Club? Only BMW fans? Admission for Mercedes drivers only? No way! Our SUNDOWNER connects all people and their cars. Whether young or old, with or without a car. Everyone is welcome to our SUNDOWNER and is meant to connect people who share the same passion.


This year the event will take place in Hamburg at a cruise terminal and will include over 450 vintage car enthusiasts combined with our favourite watch brand, favourite restaurateurs, artists, a car raffle, as well as free lemon cake for everyone. Not to forget the good music, table tennis/football battles and more. Meet other petrolheads, get some drinks, food and enjoy life during the SUNDOWNER.


Pictures by @martin__hass (Martin Hass): here

Video by @sambosy (Sam Yousefi): here


30.01.2022 - Hamburg, Germany

THE DINBOOK release at AlexandroS with Sonderling Angency, Roman Raetzke, Hanna Schoenwald, Heizr Club, Inferno Ragazzi and the whole DIN Community

Want to know more? Check our DINBOOK website under:

Pictures by @hub_raum_ (Luca Di Blasi): here

Pictures by @heizrclub (Felix Bauermeister): here

Pictures by @alexfur (Alexander Fur): here