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© By Roland Michels
My Garage

Welcome to Emil's Garage. My name is Emil (Kazimov) Pourkian and I am a hobby photographer and Classic Car Enthusiast based in Hamburg, Germany. The first car I fell in love with was my Grandfather's 1962, Volga GAZ M21. Since then I started to share my passion for automobiles, firstly with my family, then with my friends and now with everyone, who is also into cars like me.

Emil's Garage is an Independent Agency specialized in Car Photography, Social Media and Value Added Services for the Automotive Sector. The company was founded in Hamburg in 2019 and it is operating as a small family-run business.

My Story

In 2004, my Grandfather decided to sell his car due to his old age. Unfortunately, I was too young to stop him from taking this decision. When I was a child, we always took the car to the beach in Baku or to Shamkhor, Azerbaijan where my family comes from. Many years passed and after finishing school, I decided to move from Baku to Hamburg. My wish was always to have his Volga again. In 2017, I found his car by accident on an "Azerbaijani Automotive Market Website" named "" and I bought it back from the new owner. During my visit to my family, I arranged the whole transportation from Baku to Hamburg in 2018. Since then I have been very happy to be the owner of my Grandfather's car and it is much more important having the car back in our family.

Unfortunately, the owner after my Grandfather didn't have a garage. The car was standing outside 365 days of the year. One special thing about Azerbaijan is that it could be +40°C in Summer and nearly -40°C in Winter. As a result of these weather conditions, the car's condition was not really up to scratch. After arriving here in Hamburg, I took the car to a professional workshop which cleaned up the underbody from all the dirt. The result: RUST! EVERYWHERE!

Click here to get a visual imagination.

My Mission

My goal is to restore the most important areas like the chassis, fender and side skirts to give my beauty a new life. Restorations in Germany are very expensive. Especially, when you are driving an exotic car that does not really exist on your local streets. If you have a classic car, you probably know what I am talking about. A high-quality restoration is possible, if you have a rich dad or you have won the lottery or you have a very good knowledge of restoration. Unfortunately, I have none of the above but together with the revenue from my work and your support I could revive the Volga!


Auto Bild Klassik Magazin 11/2019


Hamburg Süd Press 03/2019


Oldtimer Magazin 2020


Petrolicious 2021


OCC Assekuradeur 2020


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