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Porsche 928 S - Manual
Price: EUR 22,500.-
Sale on behalf
Located near by Hamburg, DE

Mileage 186,403 km.
First registration December 1984
Fuel type Petrol
Horsepower 310hp
Gearbox Manual
H/TÜV - HU/AU December 2022
Exterior colour preussischblue metallic, Interior blue (leather)

Sales Contact: 

Emil Pourkian
Mob.: +49 17676 857551

We speak:

German, English, Azerbaijani,
Turkish, Farsi, Russian

Originally, the 928 was intended to replace the iconic Porsche 911. It combined the power, poise and handling of a sports car with the refinement, comfort and features of a luxury saloon. Porsche executives believed that such a flagship would have greater appeal than the compact 911, and they were not entirely wrong.


The Porsche we offer is a Porsche 928 S with German first delivery in the colour combination Prussian blue-metallic/blue. The S series is one of the most popular models due to its performance and the last stage of development before the facelift model S4. The car has a German first registration and was subsequently registered in the Netherlands. In 2013, the current owner took over the car from a Dutchman and has kept the car technically up to date. No cosmetic work has been carried out as it is a driver-only car. Evidence of the most recent work carried out is available. These include 928 specialists from northern Germany such as OAT Oettinger Autotechnik or the Porsche Centre in Hamburg. There is also a contact of the seller to the 928 specialist Joachim Eichhorn, who knows the car and has always supported the seller with good advice and tips.


Special features are: 


- German first delivery

- Manual gearbox

- Blaupunkt Köln SQR 23 Radio

- Freshly painted rims 2016

- Part - leather interior

- Mechanically adjustable steering wheel and speedometer unit

- Electric seats

- Power windows

- Rear window wiper

- Set of original Porsche accessories

- Original service booklet


The car has minor spots where bubbles can be seen (see pictures). These spots have remained unchanged over several years, especially as the add-on parts of the 928's were made of aluminium and are more rust-resistant than comparable 911 models. According to the previous owner, the mileage stopped about 15,000 kilometres ago. A typical shortcoming of the 928 models, which in this case was not repaired so as not to falsify the mileage. The front bumper was repainted once, which is why a slight colour difference can be seen.


Over the years, new tyres have been fitted and the rims have been re-blasted and powder coated. In addition, the radiator fan in the engine compartment was renewed and the windscreen replaced. The gear lever was retained for its patina look, but the shift linkage was replaced in 2013. The 928S is equipped with original accessories (see pictures). This also includes the original chequebook and documents of the vehicle.

The 928 is registered and located in the northern part of Hamburg. Viewings can be arranged by appointment .

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